Prod Plan

The initial design concepts are discussed. The team of designers will focus their attentions this week on the poster and leaflet design. This initial layout is already in place on thefirst draft of the poster, as you can see elsewhere in the presentation booklet, but during this week the main illustration for the production will be finished, and this will then be introduced to a finalised poster and leaflet design. These will be sent out to various advertisers by the end of week two, allowing some leeway if this is not finalised
By the end of week two the posters and leaflets will have been finished, and will all be sent out. Some of these will obviously go in the theatre we will be performing in, and the others will go to local shop fronts, libraries, etc. Since we are a horror theatre company, there are specific groups and clubs of fans who take a special interest in the kind of work we are producing. Tickets will go on sale during this week.
At the start of the week the designers then meet with the director to establish the set and prop design for the play. The director will lay down his initial ideas, and the team will designate roles to each other, focusing on specific props or background elements depending on individual strengths in those areas of the team.
The team will meet again with the director evaluate the initial ideas. These will all then be finalised in the discussion, and submitted to the lighting director so he can go and make his own planning. The team then goes off and starts actually building the set. The entire set and props are to be finished by the end of week 5. Although that seems a rather tight time span constraint, if you look at the play you can see that the set elements are all rather basic and easy to construct. The set is really only in three sparse rooms The main problem is the hat design and man


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