practise and theory

Clear concise introduction as to what your project is about, what themes you will be discussing and why they are important. How do they bare relevance to your project and how have they inspired your work and what sort of response are you hoping to receive from the onlooker?
Why is colour important for you? Does it have ritual and cultural significance? Why do you use bright colours in your work? Does it work as well with pastel colours? Does it evoke memories of Pakistan; does it enhance a deeper understanding of your inherited culture? What colours make you comfortable in your visual sphere? Do you have to use particular colours with particular patterns, why is this important?
Talk about repeat pattern. Is this a culturally important symbol in your work? What is the purpose of repeat? Why do you use pattern in your work? Do certain patterns have allegorical connotations Are these symbols and patterns purely aesthetic or do they have special meaning?
Why is marriage such an important occasion in Asian Culture? Discuss the significance of marriage and what it means to you. Why has this theme inspired your work, what elements have you taken from the idea of marriage? How does this relate to your ideas and your practice?
Why is this notion of bejewelled adornment so important in Asian Bridal wear? Is this a feature you would like to expand upon? Is this idea of encrusted jewellery embedded in clothing particularly important in your culture or is it there purely for aesthetic means? Justify why you have taken this and used it in your work.
Why have you chosen to take this theme into the interior, what are you hoping to achieve by doing this? Do you follow a set of implicit assumptions when creating your designs or is there a particular methodology, which you follow, expand on this! Is space and layout important? How d


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