Poussinistes Vs. Rubenistes

The debate between Poussinistes vs. Rubenistes began in the French Academy.The debate was between the artistic ideas of Poussin and Ruben.The Poussinistes thought that drawing and the use of lines were more important than color because it appeals to the mind the most.The Rubenistes believed that color was the most important factor in paintings over line because it is more true to nature.They believed that color appeals to everyone as opposed to line, which appeals to only a selected few.
A good example of a painting that the Poussinistes would have believed to be true to their beliefs would be Sir Joshua Reynolds' portrait of Mrs. Siddons As the Tragic Muse.This painting really shows its sense of lines because, in the painting, Mrs. Siddons is outlined very well.There are also the hard outlines of the straight chair that she is sitting on to give her sort of a frame.The background is very dark and kind of fades out.There is, of course, color in the painting but no color that is very bright and eye catching.One is mostly focused on the object that is painted due to the actual figure represented rather than the color that is used.
A good example of a painting that the Rubenistes would have believed to be true to their beliefs would be Jean- Antoine Watteau's painting of A Pilgrimage to Cyhera.This painting is a good example for on because it has a wonderful display and use of
color.In this painting you can make out clearly what the artist is trying to represent, yet there are no hard lines that deeply outline any of the figures.The colors in the painting softly blend into each as if they are one color bringing on many different hues.The sky becomes the mountains, which become the trees and the lake and eventually the people.The color really draws your attention and creates an interesting sense of beauty.
If I were around in the time of the French Academy I pro


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