In this semester, we spent a great deal of time on pottery and the making of clay sculptures.I learned a great deal from only the three pieces I made.All of my pieces were created by hand using only a pin-tool and a sponge.The three pieces I made were an ashtray and two feet that I will be using for bookends.I will now go into the process I used in creating each piece.
First, I created my ashtray.I decided to make this ashtray because it was a simple way to ease into pottery.Ifirst took a large slab of clay and rolled it out.I used the three-eighth sticks to ensure that my clay would be thick enough for it's eventual firing in the kiln.I then took the pin-tool and traced a circle from a medium sized bowl.I then took a smaller bowl and traced another circle inside the bigger one.With the extra clay that was from the difference in size I made a rim for my ashtray.I used the slip and score method to attach the rim and it worked quite well.The ashtray was then left out to dry for a few days.It was fired and I am in the process of glazing it.
My second and third piece were a pair of feet that I wanted to use for bookends for my DVD collection.This idea came to me out the blue when I was playing with the clay and one piece began to resemble a foot.In seeing this I began to mold it more and more when I eventually ended up with what looked like a small child's foot.I then took another large chunk of clay and had to duplicate the shape that I had stumbled upon by accident.I eventually was able to roll and press out a similar foot the other one.I used a pin-tool to create the toes by simply cutting them out of the end of the foot.I then took a regular pen and dug holes in the tops of the feet right above where the ankle is.I did this to ensure that the feet had room for air to escape so they would not explode in the kiln.They were then dried and fired and I am in the process of firing…


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