Portrayal of Grecian Women

The Portrayal of Grecian Women in Ancient Art
The Greeks were one of the most advanced cultures of ancient times and this was reflected in their art work.They had a preoccupation with the human figure that resulted in beautifully and geometrically perfect pieces.Since the Greeks were such an advanced culture one would assume the equality standards between sexes were also more advanced then other ancient cultures who were less civilized at the time. This was not the case.Women of Greece unfortunately were not equal to men of the time.But even though Greek women did not have much independence or importance they still made a lasting impression on art that stood the test of time.
Ancient Greek women lived under some pretty sever rules especially, when it came to their home life.They only left the home for religious purposes or festivals for women.Women could not take part in voting,hold public office, or take any “important” position in society.(Adams 1) Aristotle was quoted saying , “The deliberative is not present at all in the slave, in the female it is inoperative, in the child undeveloped.”(Adams 1) Women were segregated to different quarters of the house and had no free choice of marriage partners.Marriage was an “economic transaction” by the parents of the couple.(Adams 1) the women was usually much younger then the man and had never met him before.
And once married a women became her husbands responsibility.She had no independent status, her life was devoted to child bearing and looking after the family and house hold.(Adams 1) Perikles a famous philosopher quoted “women should be spoken of as little as possible among men, whether for good or ill.”(Adams 1)
Women could own nothing except personal possessions.They also were not aloud to be involved in any purchase or transaction worth a large sum of money.Women also had no freedom to divorce unless taking their husband to court and…


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