Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer

In the portrait, I see many vivid colors, reds, yellows, greens, and blues mostly.The lines are very scattered.There are so many it is hard to follow, in places such as her dress, where there are heavy patterns.The texture is soft and blotchy, almost like a watercolor.The woman in the foreground is standing very still, and the people in the background are showing movement, as they are fighting.It is 2 dimensional.There are many shapes that are rounded, and soft.There are even flowers on the ground below the woman's feet.It is like she is on a stage, with a small border around it.You see lots of circles.There are no obvious shadows, except some basic shading of the people to make them look dimensional.The lady in the center has on a wild outfit, which consists of several different colors, and shapes.Her puffy pants and heavy fur-trimmed coat contradict the green grass and spring flowers.
Gustav Klimt painted this in 1916.This painting is oil on canvas, and approximately 168 x 130 cm.He is said to be living in Weissinbach at the time he painted this particular painting.Even though he moved around so much.It consists of a heavy woman in the foreground, and several fighting men in the background.The woman looks tired and unhappy.It seems that the men are of a different race than her.Maybe it symbolizes the war that was going on at that time.They are holding swords, shields, and have angry faces.I think that it serves the romantic perspective of art.It is very complicated, strange, mysterious, emotional, and rebellious.He uses repetition, which is the source of his splendid decorative effects.He was once described as a pornographer, because of the overly erotic content of many of his paintings.Klimt once said, " I am more interested in other people, above all women."
The artist's intent was romanticism.His emphasis on


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