policing the arts

Should the Government Police the Arts
Originally, when the question of the Government policing art was posed I was quite ambivalent concerning my position.I felt indecisive; on one hand I support the idea of freedom of speech, yet on the other I am against promoting outright pornography to the world.When you address censorship you must examine not only the artist's right to freedom of speech, but also the rights of others to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.I feel it is unfortunate that we have come to regard many differing things as art, for instance people handing out money on a street corner.As well as silly acts or objects that some people pass off as art, it seems they feel they can do anything, no matter how silly, and be protected from censorship by calling it art.Admittedly, I enjoy looking at a discreet nude photograph, and feel that people should have access to whatever material they wish within the confines of their private homes.Even though others may deem it “pornography”, and condemn them their private thoughts. The photographs I am referring to are displayed in Mapplethorpe’s “X-Portfolio”.Among other things, they portray one man’s arm inserted into another's rectum; a man urinating into another’s mouth; a finger inserted into a penis; and a self-portrait of a whip inserted in his anus.This is not the type of art most would prefer to see displayed at a public library.Without some form policing or involvement by the government our young people will get the impression that there types of activities are morally correct.Although this type of art is not in line with my own personal taste, I do feel that it should be acknowledged as an artful expression.Mapplethorpe is merely expressing himself as an individual.Regardless of how strange some may believe his photos to be, they must not be allowed to take away his freedom of expression.In essence, what I am not saying is that…


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