Poetry synopsis

A Dream Differed
Langston Hughes
Title- The title may represent a shift in plans, handling defeat, or simply a dream that has been postponed.
Line 1: What happens when your dreams aren't realized?
Line 2-3: Does time help heal the pain of disappointment?
Line 4-5: Does it stay on your mind and bother you until it becomes undesirable?
Line 6: Is it unhealthy to keep, and will other people know?
Line 7-8:Do outer things "candy coat it" and make it more bearable?
Line 9-10: Does it weigh on your sole, and hinder your future endeavors?
Line 11: Will it disappear from your mind so you can be at ease or does it destroy you?
Line 4: The word "fester" has significant meaning because it is a word that implies more pain than a word such as painful, or hurting.Fester implies a pain that is intense and takes a wile to get rid of.
Line 6: The word "stink" has a negative meaning to it.When something stinks that usually means it is bad or has gone bad.Also when something stinks it is hard to mask the odor.
Line 8: The word "sweet" has a significant meaning to it.It implies a positive meaning because if something tastes sweet it is a pleasant taste.
Line 11: the word "explode" can mean a positive or negative thing, if you want something to go away exploding it is good, on the other hand to explode something is to destroy it.
Attitude- The attitude of the poem is an attitude of defeat.It seams that in this poem Hughes describes different ways people deal with there defeat, and also what defeat does to the persons will to succeed.But out of this poem there is a sliver of hope because there is a feeling that with each defeat that someone will get stronger and move on through life.
Line 7 & 8: "sugar over- like syrupy sweet?"The words in the sentence have the same beginning sounds of each other making the se…


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