Poems Comparison

Poetry is away that poets express there feelings and views on life. Poetry is also a way for the reader to escape from their lives and read something interesting and intreaging to the mind. Two similar poems The Circle Game by Joni Mitchell and When I was One and Twenty by A.E Housman can be related to each other in many different way. They are similar in voice, tone, mood and theme. In ones life there is always one thing certain that will happen to them, they will go through different phases. All people go though phases in life. It all depends on what type of phase you are going through, aging, love, or even maturity. Many of lifes phases can be expressed through poems which is the case for the poem The Circle Game by Joni Mitchell and When I was One and Twenty by A.E Housman , they both show two different phases, that two different people are going through in their lives.
The voice in these two poems is something that relates these poems together. Both of these poems have similar poetic voices. In both poems the narration is in a reflective voice. In The Circle Game the narrator is reflecting on a boys life and the different phases the boy has gone through he goes from a child "yesterday a child came out to wonder//Caught a dragonfly inside a jar" that is lost and does not know what the worlds about. The boy then goes through his teenage phase "sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone now/cartwheels turn to car wheels through the town" where he now understands more about the world and is taking on more responsibilities, but does not yet fully understand the meaning of life and still has plenty learn. The next and final phase that the boy goes through is young adult hood."so the years spin by and now the boy is twenty/Tough his dreams have lost some grandeur coming true" the boy now is a adult and has not gone through with all his dreams, but he still has a positive attitude "There'll be ne…


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