Poem- Love Stinks

Why do I feel like the more I love you the more you hide?
Is it because you are so sure I will always be here?
You say you love my smile,yet all you see are these tears.
I gave up everything you asked me to.
I spend so much time defending myself to your worrys
That I have forgotten about love and all of its securities.
You have cursed at me and accused me and left me in this pool of lonely tears to drown myself.
You say that you love me for life…. yet your love comes with rules, puppet strings and buttons that only you can push and pull.
You picked up the pieces of my broken heart and promised me a future,
Yet you filled it back up with doubt, lies and torture.
Is this the life you have choosen for me?
Is this what you call making me happy?
I am going to sleep now. I wont wake up in the morning.
Im going to swallow this little pill.
I still love you! And Ill keep my end of this deal.
Ill die loving you isnt that what I said when we met?
My promises are forever unlike yours which you will live to regret.
This is not the life I choose for you.
This is not what I call making you happy.
This is what I call loving you till the ending,
Keeping my promises from the beginning.
Are you secure now knowing I loved you enough to leave?
Take care My Love and except this gift.
I give you my life,till the end of time.


I'm Sandulf

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