How can one describe any of Beckett's work?It is truly difficult to even begin to convey what his productions might stand for.If there were only one word to describe Beckett's work, it would have to be unique, for seldom does one come across theater so innovative.To acquire a taste of Beckett's strange but inspirational work, one should start with the exceptionally jaw-dropping performance, Play.

Here is a short synopsis of the production: Play begins, and continues throughout its entirety, with rapid chatter to the untrained ear.The abrupt beginning forces the listener to truly pay attention, for idle listening will cause one to miss the whole objective of the theatrical work.There isn't much indicated in the script about set design.Oddly enough, it is asked that main focuses of the production are the heads of the three people (one man and two women).Some may assume that a restriction of this kind would result in a deficiency of amusement, but many others believe that this new approach to theater as added a fresh exhilaration and an enjoyable mysteriousness to the art.Though it may seem impossible to some that one man could create such absurd conceptions, Beckett undoubtedly had preset images carved in his mind, and he articulated those images in his script.Yet, even with boundary, it is easy to realize that the script itself was written to allow maximum creativity within any sort of production.

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The script is ingeniously crafted for a wide range of creative input.When watching the on-screen version of Play, it is easy to see how.Beckett created Play with view of it being performed on stage, yet it was predictably proven that the play itself was not confined to the boundaries of theater.Its transformation from stage to film surely was not an easy task, but it was, without a doubt, an educational one.Though there was room to allow for the director's creat…


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