Play Review on West Side Story

Drama Play Review on
West Side Story

The musical Play that I did my review on was West Side Story by Jerome Robbins.I saw this play at the Woodland High School with my family.We went to see it because my older brother, Nick was in it.

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Thinking about the overall production, I liked that it was about two gangs fighting over their "turf " as they called it.It was cool because it showed me what simple lives they had but ending up in a tragic ending.I also liked how they seemed to have an accurate perception of what each of the gangs' whore and what they acted like.The setting of the background stood for all the scenes and purposes of they play and it was like a real place in a city.I thought that was pretty cool.

Thinking about the overall production, I disliked how they had so many singing scenes and that sort of got boring so I wouldn't come back and see it again.I also thought that some of they parts should have been played by the other characters (not naming any names).If I were to do things differently as the director I would have watched the movie and made a better selection who could fit the character better and who would better as a different part in the play.Overall it turned out to be really good but those would have been the changes that I would have made.

A character that I did not like was Maria.She did well as the character but she didn't really fit the part.I don't want to be mean but that is just my opinion.Another person that I didn't like was Riff.He seemed to over act a little too much but he still did a good job (better than I could have done) playing the part.A person that I did like was Action.He played a good part because he acted wild and gave me the feeling that he was really that sort of person.He would always go wild when something came up and never calm down except when Tony or Riff order…


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