Piet Mondrian

In 1872 a man named Piet Mondrian was born in Amersfoort, Netherlands. He grew up interested in painting and the surrounding environment. Following the standard painting style of the time, which was impressionism Mondrian, began painting.He studies at The Amsterdam Academy of Fine Arts. He started off painting calm landscapes painted in grays, pinks, and dark greens.Soon Mondrian became influenced by a style known as cubism. Soon after that he started his own style. This style had a geometric style that he called neoplasticism.
Mondrian soon moved to France in 1917 to study art and became the founder of a well know magazine called De Stijl which means "The Style" This magazine stated his thoughts and theories on his new art form called neoplasticism. He also published a book called The Neo-Plasticisme.With these he greatly influenced modern architecture.His paintings mostly are made up of vertical and horizontal lines at 90 degree angles in prime colors and black.He always painted on white or gray canvas.Modrian really carried abstraction to its limits.He said that art should express only universal absolutes which mean to paint only what is true.So therefore not many paintings of people where painted because it is said that he could not capture the soul of the models and got aggravated.Mondrians most famous painting as called Composition with red, yellow and blue.
After living in France for many years Mondrian moved to New York in 1940 to escape the dangers of war.He began experimenting with a new type of art using chain link patterns with bright colors.When Mondrian moved his style became livelier. He stopped with the black lines. This can be seen in his last painting called Broadway Boogie Woogie.A man named Edouard Roditi said "Everything in his life was reasoned or calculated. He was a compulsive neurotic and could never bear to see anything disordered or untidy. He seemed to suf…


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