Despite the wishes of my mother, bod mod is my thing. I have 12 piercings (currently, I’m getting more as soon as I’m all healed up) and 2 tatoos (one of which I just got today, by the by). This little essay is about my most resent acquistion; my nipple rings.
Thefirst thing that you need to know is that my folks are both rather conservative. They have repeatedly warned me against coming home with a piercing in my face, other than my ears. They don’t care what else I do, but if they can see it while talking to me, then it gets torn out. And if you knew my father, you’d know that they’re serious. In their words, they don’t want their daughter looking like a drug addict. Considering where we live, it’s a valid fear. But I already had 4 holes in my lobes, one in my outer conch, and my belly button. So I was running out of places to puncture.
After graduation, I got hit hard core by the piercing fever. So I logged onto BME (where I always go when I’m looking for inspiration), and found the pictures of nipple piercings. They were so cute! And just the right mix of femmy and kinky that is quickly becoming one of my trademarks. I had found what I wanted to do. Unfortunatly, I had to wait almost 2 months before I could carry out my plan. At the time, I was working at a paper mill, and wanted to avoid any possibly uncomfortable situations. So I started to research where I wanted to get them done. I had gone to 21st Century Studio of Tatoo the fall before to get my belly button done, and knew I didn’t want to go back there. I hadn’t been given any choice about jewelry, and was all in all unimpressed by the whole situation. But what did I expect from a tatoo parlor? I had heard lots of ads for Black Hole on the radio, and decided to go check it out.
Built in a converted house, Black Hole is intimate, but not so much so that it could be called small. There’s a waiting area and the main desk downstairs, with several display cases of all kin…


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