Picasso’s The Guitar Player

“There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can
remove all traces of reality," quoted by Pablo Picasso, represents how his art moves away from
realism and the traditional views of art in pre modernist era (Picasso). Picasso is known for his
abstract paintings and is described as a "modern artist". Ideas expressed in the handout
“Modernism” are used to describe Pablo Picasso’s “The Guitar Player” (1910) and are used to
define the painting as a modern work of art. The dimension created through the use of cubism
and subjective style expressed in Picasso’s “The Guitar Player” defines the painting as a modern
"The Guitar Player" is a cubist painting that moves away from the traditional design of a
painting by presenting an uncertain image not found in the natural world. The title of the
painting is the only indication of what is being presented.Lines used to create a person and a
guitar become confusing, as evidence of the existence of the objects becomes blurred.
Monotone colors, shadowing, and shapes help add depth to the image. The depth developed
creates multiple points of view. It removes the flatness of pre modern painting by giving the
appearance of three-dimension to the painting. The dimensionality created is not normally
The abstract and unnatural image defines the painting as a modern art piece. Cubism is an “art about art,” instead of being a mirror image of the exterior world. It is art referencing other art. The painting isn’t a representation of what can be found in the exterior world, it is a representation of what is found within the artist (Edward).
The painting is not objective, but subjective. The lines, shapes, color and shadowing are
used to represent the artist;s inner thoughts and emotions. There is no narration or instruction
found within the painting. It is different from pre modern ar


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