A couple of weeks ago I embarked on a journey to the Currier gallery of art.Myself and a few students from our class were on a mission to view the art they were displaying at the time.It was an interesting trip to say the least.When we entered the building I noticed a small café, my friends would not let me enjoy the Irish cream latte I wanted so bad.Anyway, back to our journey, we entered the museum and started to just look around, this was not myfirst time in a museum however I was extremely disappointed in this particular museum.This past summer I visited the Boston museum of fine art, Boston's museum was so much larger,I expected the Currier to smaller then Boston but I did not think they would be that small.
After looking at all of the art they had on display I chose to write about a very popular painting but a well known artist.Pablo Picasso's "women seated in chair" this piece is known though out the whole world, I was excited to see that Manchester had it.It was one of the last pieces we looked at and I hadn't picked one to write about yet, nothing in there really struck me until I saw that.The painting is larger then I thought I would estimate that it is four and a half feet tall and three and a half feet wide.
The painting was completed in 1941, it is created with oil on canvas.The museum acquired it in 1953 as an anonymous gift.The painting has a 3 dimensional look to it created by oil paint that is placed on in drops. The drops of oil stick out a little less then an inch from the surface.The choice of colors are complemtary, they all work well,
it creates the visual effect that is appealing to the eye.The women in the painting was a women that would photograph for Picasso, she was working with him for ten years.The chair that the women is seated in presents a verticle aspect that coincides with the random lines from the red and green background.


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