I went to Guggenheim Museum on a Sunday afternoon.The museum has great architectural work and some really wild paintings.I saw an amazing painting with great colors by Pablo Picasso called “Moulin de la Galette.”This painting seemed to me to represent high-class society.Apparently, “Moulin de la Galette” was a characteristic place of entertainment.Picasso welcomed the opportunity to make human beings, and especially women as the main components of his pictures.”Moulin de la Galette” was Picasso’sfirst painting that he made in Paris during hisfirst visit there.It turned into a stylistic portrait.”Moulin de la Galette,” reminded me of a social gathering and people having a marvelous time.
Picasso’s portraits reflect a variety of new stlyes and techniques with different, bright, unmixed colors.His subjects often included typical scenes of Parisian nightlife.In “Moulin de la Galette” Picasso portrays a dance hall.His mood was happy when he painted it.Picasso emphasized curving outlines in the painting by reinforcing them with thick brush strokes.It seemed to me that Picasso had no interest in designing the picture by an elegant line, but rather used bold arabesque and silhouttes.
The asymmetrical compositions sweeps up a series of faces and profiles distorted by making up and electric lights until they collide in the dark shadows with angular silhouettes painted in single strokes.Very little is drawn in this painting.The application is rough, and sometimes frenzied, occasionally as if the brush had been held fist like.The colors he used are deep and warm.The simplified shapes, flattened background, and skewed perspective to combine a pattern effect that suggests this scene is for the everyday world.The sense of unreality is greatly heightened by the dark, dull tones with some light colors which over power every other color.
When Picasso painted “Moulin de la Galette” he was representing the…


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