When you are young, giving gifts for Christmas is something your parents, grandparents and relatives, appreciate because you are young and they can be proud of you.So, as you get older you also want the gifts that you give to have an extra meaning and you want to be appreciated for doing something nice.
A few years ago, in December, a few weeks before Christmas, I was debating on a gift for the whole family (because I hate shopping for different gifts for everyone, especially at the last minute).I decided that I would get a family picture taken, not only because I loved photography and was going to school for it, but also because I assumed it would be a nice gesture on my part because I would be leaving at the end of the school year.I paired up with my sister on this because I needed her to help with the expenses and I needed her to coordinate outfits.Well, I brought all my brothers together, except for Nathan, who was living in Georgia at the time, and told them what we were going to do (I think that Jimmy, especially, thought this was a cool idea because he would have some extra money for himself). As we made preparations for the night, when we would go to Sears to get the photographs taken, everything started to go wrong.Jimmy,
who thought of himself as a "new age punk rocker," had made plans to go out that night, with his friends to "jam."After Erin and I, the dominant females of the family, had threatened and bribed him into complying with our plans, he didn't want to wear the outfit that we had arranged for him to wear.As soon as Jimmy was through complaining about the outfit, Trevor started making a fuss, too, about the outfit we had picked out for him.
Altogether, it took about an hour and a half to get them situated.
By the time we left for the portrait studio, Jimmy and Trevor were so worked up that they simply didn't care about what we were doing, and sitting through a …


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