Photo project

The poem that I chose, entitled How Lucky to Have Had So Good a Father, was one that I found on the Internet. The author is unknown. Basically, the poem is about the ideal father, one that is fun, hardworking, warm, and loving. It is quite a short poem, but it gets its message across very well.
This poem relates to me because I believe that my father was everything that this poem described. He was a very hardworking man, even though he was born with a chronic heart problem. He died last November of a heart attack and when I stumbled upon this poem it reminded me of him. I decided to choose this poem because I felt that this project was something I can give to my mom as sort of a keepsake memory of what my dad stood for. Every single line of the poem can be related to my dad and the life he lived. Furthermore, I believe that the title of the poem represents me, as well as my brother, very well.
After I chose this poem, I knew exactly what picture to take. Of course, I could not take I picture of my father since he was deceased, so I photographed my father's tombstone. The picture represents the poem very well. The tombstone reads my father's name as well as the last name that he passed down to me. I took the picture at a very low angled position just to emphasize his name a little bit more. I also used the vase to the rate to try and frame the picture so the eye is directed straight to the name. The only thing I wanted really was to capture the name on the stone, because that name, including the poem that I selected, represents my dad.


I'm Sandulf

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