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I've realized that no student is perfect. Some students excel in English while others excel in science or even athletics. I've excelled in communication. As a freshman I only dreamed of what it was like to be a leader. Never once did I believe that I could or would accomplish, what I have at my school. Even now as graduation approaches I sometimes sit back and wonder why me?
Even though I grew up in a loving two parent home, when I entered high school the Black Student Union became a second family to me. Helping with my homework and giving me advice when I was having problems, it was always there for me. During my junior year, I was given the chance to give back some of the help that I had received. As president, I organized field trips, established the Ma Hali Na Lobi Luncheon, and daily announcements during the month ofFebruary titled Moments in Black. We participated in clothing drives, World Fests and pasta for pennies, a fund-raiser for children dying of cancer.
Since birth my parents have made sure my brothers and I attended church. Every Sunday we would go to eight am service followed with Sunday School. We learned bible versus, scriptures and the stories of Jesus. At age ten my brothers and I joined the Grace Youth Ushers, a youth group devoted to serving the church and the Los Angeles community. For seven years we ushered every second, fourth and fifth Sunday at both eight and eleven o'clock services. Once a month after church, we would go downtown to feed the homeless and bring them clothes, that church member would donate. During the summer we sponsored pancake breakfasts and visited other churches to share and get new ideas from other youth groups.
This year I've embarked on a challenge like no other. As thefirst African-American to be Senior Class President I knew going into the election that a lot would be required from me if I was elected. I wanted to leave a mark at my school, and tha…


I'm Sandulf

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