Performance/Exhibition Report

For the final exhibition report I went to The National Shrine: Grotto of Lourdes. Being of Catholic religion, I have visited this area before. This is a spectacular exhibit that was a real delight. It’s a serene walk in the woods passed several statues, markers, shrines, etc. There are stations of the cross and many biblical sayings. There are benches where you can stop to pray or meditate. It’s very low-keyed. . There’s a chapel which holds different services at various times. With the surrounding woods, it was nice to move at your own pace. Others passed by but they were very quiet and respectful. I would recommend to anyone wanted to lift their spiritual side.
The Grotto has been established in Emmitsburg in 1805. In the year 1728, a group of Catholics left St. Mary;s City in Maryland, and traveled westward seeking peace and religious freedom. After the Revolution and the constitutional grant of religious freedom, Father John Dubois, a refugee priest from France, came to this area. This priest, who later became Bishop of New York, was appointed pastor of Frederick in 1794. On St. Mary’s Mount he built, St. Mary’s Church at the site of the present Grotto parking lot. For over a century this church was a beacon calling the faithful to Mass from the Valley and a reminder to them to keep the Faith. Numerous paths, traceable to this day and all converging on the church, show with what fidelity the Catholics practiced their faith. Along with wooded areas engraved with pathways to view biblical messages, there are churches located here. I entered the Chapel of Mary on the hill, and was astonished by its beauty. The smell of cedar and rose filled the air as I sat in one the pews.Candles burned and illuminated the ceiling and the cross that stood at the front of the church. The scene was majestic and alluring. The art works on the walls are all religious and sentimental. All the religious artifacts here are bright and descriptive. …


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