As I see it, the world is a stage, and everyone puts on a performance, although some are better than others.Every single human on the face of the Earth is an actor/actress in this great show, by pretending to be what we truly are not.Alone, at home, without anyone else around, we are our natural selves, but as soon as other people are added to the equation, the show changes, and suddenly we are completely different.There are situations in life where this is beneficial, and at different times it is not so helpful.
For example, when a person goes to a job interview, in most instances, they are more likely to dress nicer than they do at home.This gives the interviewer the perception that this individual is a civilized, efficient, well-organized potential employee.However, if that person goes to the same interview in torn jeans and an unwashed, grungy shirt, they are perceived as lazy and a slob, even if they are truly brilliant.This is just one instance where it is beneficial to put on a front when around strangers.Another example may be when someone meets their future mother/father in-law for thefirst time.They dress up in nicer clothes than they normally would, and are more polite and well mannered.They fear that if these people see them in their natural state, they may disapprove of the marriage, thereby causing many problems down the road, for the happy couple.
However, it's not always beneficial for someone to act differently than they normally do.Fake fronts are often easy to see through and can be hard to keep up, if they are not well rehearsed.I was a pretty nerdy individual throughout my high school years, and when I joined the Marine Corps and transferred into an entirely different group of acquaintances, I tried to act differently.However, not being used to that sort of life, it was obvious that I did not fit in with certain groups of people and that I was causin


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