People Story

The sun had just awoke and barely peeked out
over the horizon. Slowly it raised, throwing a
contrast of colors into the sky. The little water
dew drops soaked Danielle's feet as she walked
through the grass to feed the chickens. It was
early Monday morning and chores needed to be done.
Today was market day for Danielle, which she loved.
Danielle was 15 years old and time had come
where she needed to find a husband. She was very
beautiful, with long blond hair that hung in
perfect curls. She has the most deep blue crystal
eyes and lips as red as the rose. She always
dreamed of finding her perfect mate, some knight in
shining armor that would sweep her off her feet.
She didn’t know that today at the market she would
The town was busy as usual with people in such
a hurry to get where they were going. As she walked
and said hello to her usually friends she spotted a
stranger eyeing her from afar. The stranger had
dark hair, dark eyes. He was the most handsome man
she had ever seen. As he glided towards her, she
could feel her heart speed up. ;Good Morning fair
lady,; the man bowed his head. ;Why hello sir;,
Danielle bowed back. The man was dressed in the
finest of clothes but Danielle didn’t seem to
notice. They started talking and instantly they
could feel the invisible bond grow between them.
They talked the rest of the day. Later, just before
parting, they forgot they hadn’t exchanged names
yet. ;What isyour name;, she asked. ;You can call
me Jack Nicholson;, he replied. ;Nicholson?;, her
heart sank. ;Yes;, he repeated ;Is that a problem?
What is your name?; She lowered her stare.
;Jackson, Danielle Jackson;. ;Jackson?!; He
stuttered. They both just stood there, neither one
knew what to do. ;I can;t believe this;, he sig…


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