Master of the Straus Madonna portrays what seems to be a loving and joyful relationship between mother and child.The periodic style is that of the late 14th and early 15th century which came about during the period of early renaissance. The painting expresses an emotional overpowering feeling.The Virgin is looking at the child with an expression that seems very tranquil.She is almost smiling yet at the same time praying.At the same time, the child seems very comfortable with the mother holding the finger with his right hand and a little bird being held gently in the child's left hand.The child looks out at the viewer with a look of a visionary, expressing the care free comfortable state of mind as any toddler would.
The child is depicted as a chubby baby with rosy cheeks and small sparkly eyes.The child's head is tilted a bit to his left with his blond bushy hair giving a round look to the face.The child is covered by a red silky cloth beneath his waist.The cloth contains small yellow spots that are very similar to the shirt the virgin has on.The child has a necklace with a kind of red strand hanging from the necklace that has a very similar quality to the Childs cloth below his waist.The child is holding the Virgin's finger and bird giving a sense of a playful attitude.The bird's wings are slightly open and the bird is looking up at the sky.It seems the bird is trying to set free and fly away.
The tilting of the Virgin's head demonstrates the closeness and inseparable connection of the Virgin and the Child.The Virgin's zealous expression and long devoted thoughts gives the viewers the treasures of the Child as he was brought to this new world.The virgin's face seems to be looking down at the child or more towards the bird.The bird represents and idea of a soul where dwelling place is heaven and is able to move to higher spheres of life.The virgin's nose is…


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