Painting: Madonna and Child Enthroned with Donors and Saints Dominic and Elizabeth of Hungary

Gothic Art is considered as the combination of the painting, sculpture, architecture and music characteristic in the central Europe during the Middle ages. Firstly derived from Romanesque art, Gothic art has a great influence for centuries lasted from mid-12th century to 15th century. The topic of Madonna and Child is seen throughout the history of western art. It represents the stylistic innovations from late 13th and 14th century and reflects religious subject matter that actually continues to evolve for centuries. The arts of Madonna with her child Jesus are central icons for both the Catholic and Orthodox churches. These paintings permeate Christian art that no others can exceed.
Besides Lippo Vanni, many of the most renowned painters and sculptors in the history of art have turned their skills toward the creation of Madonna images during Gothic and Renaissance period. These images feature similarities and differences from Lippo Vanni's.
The picture Madonna and Child Enthroned with Donors and Saints Dominic and Elizabeth of Hungary is painted by Italian painter Lippo Vanni using tempera on wood. Vanni presented an intensity of the colors and clear lines. The painter used most basic color tones composed of black, red, blue and gold. The central panel, which is always the most important part of Gothic arts, features the Madonna and Christ Child enthroned. Mary is wearing a black robe, which is always identical in gothic paintings. Her face is idealized with her hand holding little Christ. The triptych depicts Saint Dominic, on the left, carrying lilies and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, on the right, holding an apron filled with roses. The back chair presented a persecution of depth. Other details include the donors kneeling on the floor by the Madonna's throne be Queen Elizabeth of Hungary and her son, Prince Andreas of the French house of Anjou, who wears a cap and rob covered with fleur-de-lis. The altarpiece may da…


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