Pablo piccaso

Pablo Picasso – what a name! Living proof that little people can grow to a colossus – Picasso – Full of energy, fun and play – I think he would like this pun, “He was rather short when he was alive and shrunk considerably after he died.” We laugh at death in order not to cry.
Very funny, yet undeniably serious, Picasso left us to ponder the worlds of comedy and tragedy in his work. A phenomenon, a genius, Picasso, leaving the world thousands upon thousands of original testimonials, recording his human experience: paintings, drawings, etchings, sculpture, design, ceramics, tapestries and prints. His production will exert its influence upon artists for thousands of years to come. Has there ever been another artist more controversial? Can’t think of one.
Like an atomic bomb, Picasso exploded upon the world – he once said that ‘art had more power than an atomic bomb,’ and he was right. The after shock of art goes on for a long time – 500 years is nothing for a good work of art – Leonardo da Vinci proved that, and he didn’t come close to the production of Picasso.  
The year 1900 was a turning point in the social history of mankind and Picasso slotted into that period very well. As a young man he was in the right place at the right time – Paris. When you think of all the changes that have taken place over the past one-hundred years, you soon realize what an enormous metamorphous that has taken place in human thinking. Directly or indirectly, Picasso had one of those creative minds responsible for changing the way millions of people think about this world.  
His work was part of the necessary preparation needed to change our frame of mind, making the transition from Twentieth Century Man to Twenty First Century Man possible. That can’t happen without gradual preparation requiring the common mindset between many individuals which eventually effects the whole. We grudgingly know that things change, but few are conscious enough to kno…


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