Pablo Picasso

The feelings and love ofart varies depending on the vision that the spectator receives.Art can be looked at from various aspects, because every individual has to distinguish their own concept of it.Individual concept is a term that can be applied to Pablo Picasso'spainting "Girl before a Mirror" which he created in 1932.An in depth observation is required; in order for one to conclude the reality of a modern art painting.
The colors that an artist uses are very critical because that may be the factor that is seenfirst by the viewer.Picasso used various colors and different shapes to attract the eye of his viewers.The colors used in the painting play a major role, because they are symbolic.Red can represent love, green may symbolize life, and black is related to death.The colorful wallpaper and floor design has colors and a diamond design that could be closely associated with human organs and life.The numerous diamonds that appear in the painting could possibly mean that Picasso thinks life is delicate like an actual diamond.The stomach of the girl, and her stomach image in the mirror are shaped like teardrops to initiate the fact that the girl is very emotional at this point in her life.Circles also appear multiple times throughout the portrait.Picasso may have been trying symbolize that circles are infinite just as problems in life can be.Colors and shapes helps the viewer analyze the portrait in numerous ways.
"Girl before a Mirror" stimulates a number of thought provoking ideas.Look atfirst sentence in body one.The girl looks very sad and unhappy.She appears to be uncomfortable with herself, and it also seems as if the girl does not like what she sees.Her reflection reflects a receding chin, huge eyes, and a growing nose.On the other hand, the girl appears to be very attractive by her profile.The mirror image creates


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