Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born October 25, 1881 to Don José Ruiz Blasco (1838-1939) and Do&ntildea Maria Picasso y Lopez (1855-1939). Picasso was a painter at a young age and was mentored by his father. His father was stunned by his son's prodigious artistic ability and proclaimed that he would never paint again. Pablo entered many fine arts schools and even enteredThe Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. In October 1900 Picasso and Casagemas left for Paris, the most significant artistic center at the time, and opened studio at the Montmartre. Art dealer Pedro Manach offered Picasso hisfirst contract: 150 Francs per month in exchange for pictures. This restless life with constant travels continued all his life, though later he would become more or less settled, but never finally settled. His original disproportion and abstractedness has captured the world over. Picasso was able to take very famous paintings and create his own masterpiece. One of Picasso's paintings that have captured my attention, is The Old Guitarist. Another of Pablo's works would be Acrobat On a Ball. The last selection would be Las Meninas.
First, I chose The Old Guitarist. This painting is of interest to me because I play the guitar. Beyond the similar instrument, I enjoy the feeling of solace that the painting gives me. The slumped head of the man has me thinking that he is playing a song in his darkest hour. I think that overall darkness of hue that was chosen to paint this in did the idea more justice than if it were performed in lighter shades.
Second, Acrobat On a Ball stood out to me from the hundreds of works Picasso has done. The reason this particular painting has leaped out at me would be that it seems very like a piece that Salvador Dali might paint. The closeness of the foreground figure with his back turned and the multiple layers of foreground , middle ground, and background give this impression. The ac


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