Tonight I saw the play Overruled by George Bernard Shaw.It was absolutely charming!I was so impressed by the ascents they used and the dialect they developed for each of their characters.All of the actors seemed very well rehearsed and prepared for the roles they undertook.They all had direct actions and used the given circumstances to "up the ante" and increase the very funny dramatic tension.
The one thing that I was struck with when I walked away for the theater was the fact that the actors had such chemistry with one another.They really were talking and listening to each other.It seemed as if every decision made, as characters, was for thefirst time.All the characters actually looked as if they were thinking on stage.As an audience member I was actually able to see each of the actor's thought process on stage.It was amazing to see how the actors interacted with each other in such a comical yet serious way.I know that seems like an oxymoron but these actors were saying extremely humorous lines with such a straight face and with such dramatic tension.The whole play was ironic seeing that two couples, in the same predicament, fell in love with each other's spouses.I really enjoyed the plot of the play and the way that tension was built and then released and then built again.
I was also impressed by how Dennis Mosley played such a contrasting character from his role in Enrico.I was impressed by his versatility as an actor to switch dialect and actual type of play all together.I know that this is not a critique on Overruled but I was impressed to be able to see an actor switch into such a different and diverse role.It proved how acting really is based upon actions and trying to overcome certain objectives in the play.It also showed me that you really can put everything on the other person to achieve what you need and create a reachable action.I believe all the actors in the p…


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