Overrated Pity

Tea and Sympathy by Robert Anderson is based upon several factors of today's society and the truth about human interactions.It shows the lack of acceptance in the United States today and how it affects public society.In this play by Anderson, a young teacher's wife finds a way to communicate with a boy who is an outcast while attempting to make a difference in a world where many are ridiculed in a plea for tolerance.Tea and Sympathy portrays the logic and emergence of a new age where difference is morally wrong and improper.
"An innocent boy goes swimming with an instructor-an instructor whom he likes because this instructor is one of the few who will encourage him, who don't ride him. -And because he's an off-horse, you and the rest of them are only too glad to put two and two together and get a false answer-anything which will let you go on and basically persecute a boy whom you basically don't like." (Pg 42) This line is spoken of rage and is overcoming obstacles that one woman can no longer bear.Laura finally tells her controlling, arrogant husband that his bias ways are finally out of control and his favoritism has to end.The idea in general of not getting anywhere in humanity because of facial features, sexuality and origin of sex even, has gotten out of hand.The fact that a young adolescent who does not have the urge to become involved in athletics makes him a homosexual is preposterous.
The problem with the United States has everything to do with judgmental hypocrites and physical beauty.Just because members of elite, high-class society do not care to look twice at underprivileged middle-class civilization, everybody has to undergo.If an individual does not look like a celebrity icon, they are not precious enough to be in the cream of the crop authority. Unreasonable laws are brought ajar, and disadvantages are given to the weaker powers.They are lo


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