Stankonia vs. The Love Below/Speakerboxx
Dalton Higgins, from the Amazon.com, wrote an article on the rap group Oukast's differing styles between two of their albums.Outkast is one of the biggest and most influential hip-hop groups of today's era.The group feature two members:Andre and Big Boi.Theirfirst album titled "southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" came out in 1994 and they have not looked back.Since that time Outkast has produced 4 more albums: "Atliens", "Aquemini", "Stankonia", and their most recent and most popular "The Love Below/Speakerboxx." In 2000, when they came out with "Stankonia", Outkast had a sound full of clever rap beats and smooth melodic lyrics that could not be matched.However in this year, 2004, Outkast decided to experiment.Both Andre and Big Boi decided to create their own CD's and put them together in one package.Andre's CD was called "The Love Below" and Andre's CD was called "Speakerboxx".While both CD's were quite different in style, they came together to make one of the best selling CD's of all time.The style differences between "Stankonia" and "The Love Below/Speakerboxx" are very hard to ignore.
When Outkast came out with "Stankonia" they produced an album that was strictly rap and hip-hop.It was a record that was full of hard-hitting gangster beats and rhythms.The lyrics, while beautiful, were not meant to connect with mainstream America."Stankonia" fit the genre of being just another rap album, yet something was different; it seemed to rise above all other rap albums to create a special sound.After 2000, it became obvious that Outkast would not fall in to the bottomless pit that is pop music.
In 2004, Outkast did a complete 180 and created "The Love Below/Speakerboxx".Never has one rap group d


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