Our Country;s Good – Plot

• Scene one: The Voyage out- the scene opens on a convict ship, which is on its way to Australia. There are many convicts huddled close together in the cold. The character Sideway is being hit and the character Ralph Clark is counting the lashes. After he has finished his beatings, Sideway is chucked down with the other convicts. A few of the characters discuss how they feel and how hungry they are (these characters are Mary, Wisehammer and Arscott.
• Scene two: An aboriginal Australian enters and describes thefirst ever fleet of convicts coming to Australia. He also says that he sees the ship as'a dream that has lost its way, describing it as if it's coming from the sky.
• Scene three: Punishment- This scene opens with Phillip, Collins, Tench and Brewer all shooting birds, and at the same time, discussing the punishment of hanging. Each character expresses different thoughts on the matter, and this tells the audience quickly a lot about them.
• Scene four: The Loneliness of Men- Ralph is in his tent, and is reciting his diary to his wife in England. This diary entry tells us a lot about the character Ralph, and tells us how much he hates the convicts. He also desperately wants a promotion. Then enters Harry Brewer, and we learn that Harry is sleeping with Duckling. Duckling also slept with another marine; however Harry hanged him for supposedly steeling food. Harry then tells Ralph that the governor is thinking about putting on a play, with the convicts, and Ralph shows a very keen interest, and wants Harry to tell the governor about his interest in the theatre.
• Scene 5: An audition- the play has been decided to go through, and has been finalised as'the recruiting officer' by Farquhar. Ralph agrees to allow the convicts to play the parts in the play. Meg Long (shitty Meg) enters, and mistakes Ralph's new interest in the women, and offers to procure for him, however Ralph te…


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