The reputations of the main characters in Shakespeare's Othello are very important in what makes this story such a tragedy.Reputation is so important in the play because it gives the readers insight into characters and allows for character manipulation and the tragedy of Othello to unfold.
Othello's reputation among the citizen's of Venice is one of a great and respected fighter and military man.While Othello has done many good things to build a reputation in Venice, as his story goes he destroys his it withfew actions.
Thefirst of Othello's bad choices is his elopement with Brabantio's daughter Desdemona.While Barbantio is certain Othello stole Desdemona by using witchcraft, "That thou hast practisted on her with foul charms, Abused her delicate youth with drugs or minerals That weakens the motion." he calls on the Senate and Duke to discipline Othello for his actions.As Othello tells the Duke how he wooed Desdemona with stories of fighting on the battle field "She loved me for the dangers I had passed And I loved her that she did pity them" the Duke replies to Barbantio that "I think this tale would win my daughter too".Desdemona is called in to the senate to_____ Othello's account of what has happened.With Desdemona's support and Othello's reputation the Duke sends him to the battle with the Turks without punishment.As Othello arrives in Cyprus Iago, (Othello's good friend) begins to unravel his plans to destroy Othello'sand Michael Cassio's life and reputation.
Iago has a sound reputation with all the characters in the play as Othello's ensign or right hand man. This is how Iago conceals his devilish intentions and organizes his plan to destroy Cassio and Othello's lives. While Iago never comes out and tells the other characters of his plans he does not outright lie either.>>>


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