Oppressive Social Citions

Regardless of all acts concerning equality between the sexes, oppression of women continue.This oppression is partly determined by rules and traditions in our society; but also appear as a result of personal attitudes which mingle with tradition and common prejudices.Society oppresses women both as a sex and a class.Examples are women who are more or less forced into low-wage jobs and those retaining full responsibility for domestic work and children.Thus, oppression of women is exercised economically, politically, ideologically, and sexually.Sooner or later these conditions will provoke two types of reactions: Escape and adaption, or resistance.For example, women’s consumption of alcohol promotes escape and adaption but it also erodes their ability to fight; they continue to be disempowered rather than empowered.An examination of the situation of women will reveal that the majority of their (our) problems are caused by structural conditions in society (Lundy, 1987).Indeed, the history of women and their use of mood altering substances, such as alcohol, is closely linked with oppressive social conditions and their subordinate position in society.In addition, the social context and the effects of alcohol use are qualitatively different for women and men.
What is also clear, and follows from the above, is that women have different treatment needs than men and therefore require specific programs that respond to these needs.Yet, despite any support for this view, women experiencing difficulties with alcohol and other drugs are still less likely to be recognized by their families, friends, and professionals as having such problems.When such difficulties are recognized they are less likely to find counsellors or programs that offer the services they need.
For the remainder of this paper I will attempt to address the abuse of drugs, predominantly
alcohol, by women in a way which roots them i…


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