Once on this Island play

Once On This Island

My overall opinion of viewing Once on This Island was that the actors did a good job in their parts but the play selection was poor.For the nature of the play it was done I possibly as well as it could have been.The lead female singer, older Timoon, was very good in my opinion but it was just a tough play to really make that great.The young girl also did well especially for her age, she seemed very comfortable.The set was very nice and I especially liked how the gate doors went directly into the stage.I also thought it was cool looking how the back screen would show the storm with lightning strikes across it.It would also show when clouds were rolling in and when accompanied by the sound it wind it depicted a nice storm scene.Also it was clever how the car was an actor holding two flashlights while acting like he was driving around.
Once on This Island starts out with a poverty stricken family telling the folk tale of their people. It tells of a little girl who was ship wrecked and was the only survivor. She was in a tree screaming because she was afraid, lost, and alone. A family who didn't have any kids, heard her screams and helped her from the tree and began to raise her as their own child. They named her Timoon. She grew up with the family and the village and was well known to everyone. She was very cheery and curious on what life was like out of her village. One day she found a man who had wrecked his car. He was Daniel the son of the king of the island. There was a legend about Daniel's family because his grandfather had cheated on his wife with a woman of poverty. His son grew up and threw him out of power so he cursed his bloodline so no one could leave the island and had to stay in the city. Timoon had everyone bring him back to her house so she could take care of him. Her parents were worried because they could get in trouble for having him there. But Timoon was persistent …

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