On the great morning of March 24, 2005

On the great morning of March 24, 2005 my art appreciation class was asked to meet in front of the Author Rose Museum to view Dr. Ibomans statue entitled "The Souls Errand". The class was then asked to write a critical paper on our whole experience of appreciating the piece of art. The morning of our great adventure was really not a fun one because of the fact that it was raining and we as a class were told that if it were to rain that we were to meet in the class room. Being that in my opinion it was raining I went straight to the class room to find that it were empty. After my miserable walk in the rain towards the statue I saw my class standing around the statue in a group. The hilarious part of all was that everyone was thinking the same thing that I was thinking about the rain, but acted as if nothing were wrong.
The best part of the wrong time was after I finally showed up. I realized that looking at others work now meant more to me now that I know better, and now that I can comprehend the real meaning of the slightest of jesters in figures. Thefirst thing I did was look at the statue as a whole. Ifirst looked a the figure and noticed how the figured was dressed in a turban like wrap the wrapped around his entire body. Then I took notice in the figures posture. The figure stands straight up with both arms in two totally different postures. One hand was at its side while the second was holding it up as he was ready to receive something from someone. I then looked at the facial features of the character which to me if the most foretelling about how the artist wants you to feel though looking at his statue of man. The figures mouth was wide open as if he has seen something worth seeing in his life and he wants everyone to listen to him about what the truth really is. The final and most important thing that I looked at was the base of the statue. The Base read.'" The Souls Errand, 1996" By: Dr. Kod…


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