Ohr O'Keefe Museum

The class meeting was held at Ohr O'Keefe Museum of Art in downtown Biloxi. He is also known as the mad potter in Biloxi and the reputation and respect toward his pottery works were gained not to long ago.
One of his pots, which were displayed on the second floor of the museum, grabbed my attention. It was called the George Ohr Lighthouse Pot. He used his skills to express the most famous landscape in this town, the lighthouse in Biloxi. Here is the description of this art work from the museum:
"Takes its name from the historic Biloxi Lighthouse, which is depicted on one side. The unusual shape, fluted rim and use of incised designs are characteristics of George Ohr's art pottery style."
The description of the landscape that was displayed on the surface of this piece of art is realistic. George Ohr tried to record the beautiful landscape of his town as real as possible. The main color that was used on this pot is green and the lines that he have created to express the scenery was yellow. In my opinion, the color choice of the artist came from the image of his town. The color of green might have been perfect for him to express his peaceful town surrounded by beautiful nature. It is interesting when you realize that the state of Mississippi use yellow and green colored license plates for vehicles. Is it just a coincidence?
This work of art put me into relaxed and peaceful mood, so peaceful that I just wanted to lay down on the floor at the museum. The curved lines, which were used to express the nature, and also on the shape of the pot, adds the smoothness to it. The selection of the green color as the main color also made me feel like I was taking a trip by myself. At the same time, the unusual shape of the pot, the fluted rim, and the glossy texture makes it more interesting.
I really enjoyed his works of art because of the extinguishable technique that he introduced to the world of pottery.


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