Oedipus Rex Essay

"A blind man who had his eyes now; a penniless man, who is rich now;" (Sophocles-Oedipus Rex 323-324) stated by a man that knows all, Teiresias who foreshadows the story referring to Oepidus' fate and how Oepidus can not change it.Fate is something that you can't change.Oepidus becomes aware of what his fate is, but is insisting that the oracle lies. As Oedipus quotes, "Apollo said through his prophet that I was the man who should marry his own mother, shed his father's blood." (345) His quest is affected by human will, his fate, and what he does as a whole.
To begin, human will is the power to strive and get past all the obstacles in the way.Oedipus' human will starts with him leaving Corinth in fear that he will murder his dad and marry his mom. On the way to Thebes his human will interferes with him as he kills a man after an argument.Continuing his journey he solves the riddle of the Sphinx where every time the riddle was answered incorrectly, lives were lost thus saving Thebes in the process. He was loved by people of Thebes and become King and married Queen Jocasta. Later on accusations he made toward the murderer of the slain King Laius caused him to make enemies of his own family. The decisions that he made in the story "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles showed the irony of human will. How if you just open up your eyes and do not be stubborn, you will see how to avoid getting defeated by the game of life. Oedipus however did not and choice to take his own eyes because of it.
Next is Oedipus' fate and what comes of that. He is not the brightest guy and doesn't realize what he had done until the end. Although there were many hints to him that he was the murderer of King Laius. Even by him thinking that Laius' killing sounds familiar. "How strange a shadowy memory crossed my mind, just now while you were speaking; it chilled my heart." (334) as Oedipu…


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