Notes on The Art of Creativity

1. The authors’ central thesis is that creativity shapes our lives and our behaviors. They explain that the creativity in everyday life, childhood, work life, and the repetitive daily routine all stem from a creative side of us. Goleman, Kaufman, and Pay discuss ideas and research from many distinguished psychologists, and experts, while also incorporating many of their ideas and thoughts.
2. Gardner, a developmental psychologist at Harvard, points out that creativity is part of every human being and their life. Gardner states that creativity comes in levels and everyone has the potential to excel at something. The idea of Zen also supports the innate ability of creativity. Zen is the ability to become so in tune with what you are doing at that present point in time that you lose yourself in whatever it is that you are doing. The authors also state that childhood creativity is rooted from their constant need to explore, learn things, try new things out, and experiment. Childhood creativity is the mold for adulthood existence. The authors also use the research of Teresa Amabile, a psychologist at Brandeis University, which talks about the leading “creativity killers” in children.
The authors also talk about aspects of creativity in a work environment. The elements of size, closeness, negativity, and intuition all affect the amount of creativity in the workplace, which thus suggests that creativity in the workplace will become a prominent characteristic in the future business world.
3. A lot of evidence in this article is from the authors and really has no reliability to it. The research is not stated in a format that presents factual evidence. The authors also throw in personal antidotes to portray their point of view, which in turn leaves the reader with no substantial evidence that would support what they are saying.
4. The author’s strong point in this article is that they give a right amount of information for each aspec…


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