Norma Rae/Die Bleierne Zeit: A comparative discussion

In plot summary, the movies “Norma Rae” and “Die Bleierne Zeit” appear to be very similar: They have a feminist perspective, both have females as protagonists. Both deal with the misery of people towards their social conditions.But, once one takes a closer look at each movie, it becomes apparent that each film takes place in a distinctive, but different, social condition.”Norma Rae” describes a democratic, capitalist society in Alabama Milltown whereas "Die Bleierne Zeit” describes a socialist situation, during the time of Nazi rule in Germany.I chose "Norma Rae" and "Die Bleierne Zeit" for comparative discussion because these two movies are close to reality, they are inspired from people."Norma Rae" is a lively, but dependable, widow and mother in an Alabama Milltown.Like her father, her mother and most of her friends, she is employed in a factory with intolerable working conditions, spinning and weaving cloth as the days go by without much apparent purpose. Her “nothing special” life changes when she and her coworkers meet Reuben, a dedicated, smart-mouthed labor organizer down from New York to teach the Henley crew about solidarity in a place where workers and owners alike think “union” and “trouble” are synonymous.Together, they undertake the difficult, and possibly dangerous, struggle to unionize her factory."Die Bleierne Zeit" in German means the German sisters.It was released outside Germany with the title "Marianne and Julienne".The movieDie Bleierne Zeit also known as Marianne and Julienne takes a look through the eyes of two sisters at the political and personal history in Germany during tumultuous 1970's. Growing up in post W.W.II Germany, Marianne seeks to change government policy through vicious acts of terrorism, while her sister Julienne writes for an alternative women's magazine. The movie tries to incorporate a complete vision of the t…


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