French and German Expressionism

I think that the French do seem more formal in designing their pictoral space than the Germans did during the expressionist movement.The Germans approached their work from a more psychological standpoint, concentrating on the human condition.The ideas of strong emotional feelings are present throughout most of the expressionist movement.In our book, figure 187, “Blue Nude” by Henri Matisse; we see the more formal designs of French artists of this time period.In figure 188, a German piece by Otto Muller, “Three Brothers”; we see that tradition of introspection that was present, Germans looking inside at themselves.The French piece seems more peaceful, serene, calm, and pictoral than the German piece does.The German piece seems very dark and tragic, almost desperate.This was a common feeling of many German artists of this time.
The French works had a more smooth look to them and the German pieces seem much more rough and undefined, but both used line in their pieces to emphasize their thoughts.Both pieces were accurate depictions of many modern feelings and ideas that were forming all over the world.Both images lack any color, but the German piece is done with more harsh tones and hard lines.The French piece is very smooth and gray-toned, but in both of these pieces an expression of the human condition is present, generally the French being more optimistic and the Germans more pessimistic.
Throughout most German expressionism the emphasis was put on line rather than color, linear pieces seem to have been the more important style.I don’t think that the French held as much regard for line in their color works as the Germans did.The French seem to create works were color was the expressive element more over line.
French and German expressionism both hold very strong emotional overtones in their works.The Germans seem more concentrated on the psycholo…

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