Nikki Giovanni, born Yolade Cornelia Giovanni Jr, was born on June 7, 1943 in Knoxville, Tennessee.She was raised in the area around Cincinnati, Ohio.She attended an HBCU, Fisk University, where she became involved in the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and the Writers? Workshop.Giovanni was instrumental in the Black Arts Movement because her poetry spoke to a lot of people.Her poetry was radicalized by the Black Panthers and followers of the late Malcom X in the 60s and 70s.Her poetry became the artwork of a revolution against her own will.Giovanni wrote many poems, including Black Feeling, Black Talk(1968), Black Judgment(Œ68), Re: Creation(Œ70), Gemini(Œ71), Spin a Soft Black Song(Œ71), Ego-Tripping(Œ73), Vacation Time(Œ80), Those Who Ride The Night Winds(Œ83), and Sacred Cows…and Other Edibles(Œ88).Giovanni?s poetry reflects her own childhood experiences of being poor, Black, and having one parent at home.Not only did her poetry show the Black struggle in America but she also wrote children’s? poems and later on in her life wrote heroic, fictional poetry.Nikki Giovanni recently had a successful lung operation to battle cancer.As of 1998 she was still a professor at Virginia Tech, teaching English.
?…Black love is Black wealth…?Nikki Giovanni uses Nikki-Rosaas a powerful tool to paint a picture of minority life in America.Because of their adverse experiences, minorities tend to hold love and companionship at a higher value than the those who belong to the wealthy majority.In the poem, Nikki-Rosathe reader is given examples of certain childhood experiences that can be connected with a poor and/or Black child.?…living in Woodlawn with no inside t


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