Nicole Kidman

Her Parents knew from a young age, that she hat talent. But it wasn't until Nicole Kidman reached her teen years, that it really stood out! Written by Justine Barron.
Who can believe that Nicole Kidman, one of Australia's best known actresses, could have started off so late. When Nicole was only in junior school, her parents started taking her to modern dance lessons, where she would see fully grown males walking and dancing around naked, but that did not put her off acting.
Nicole has always been an artistic child, and has always focused on this from a young age. She began taking ballet lessons at the age of 3, then moving into mime at 8, and then onto drama at 10. Her veryfirst public role was 6, where she played a loud sheep, for her primary school's Christmas pageant. With her mum as a feminist, and her dad as a labour advocate, Nicole grew up fast.
Nicole possessed the same intensity as her future husband, when it came to acting. At High school, she was always seen as an outsider, due to her height (She was a tall 5'11"), and as she reached her teens, she departed even further from her peers. While she spent her weekends at the Phillip Street Theatre, watching and Learning, her other peers were down at the beach, eyeing up each other.
Nicole, from a young age, had her hopes set on higher things, wouldn't you if you had influences like Jane Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave and Katherine Hepburn. She was chosen to play a concerned sexual repression in the late 1800's in Frank Wedekind's Spring Awakening where she conceived herfirst kiss on stage! For this play, she had to yell out "Beat Me! Harder! Harder!" every night.
At the age of 14, things really started to move for Nicole.
One night, after the play, she received a note of congratulations and encouragement from an audience member, who was a film student. She invited Nicole to appear in her examination short film.


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