New Modern Architecture

Architecture will never achieve some perfect state where everyone
accepts that the one best form has now been achieved.The reason for this
is that what is considered best changes as people change.This aspect
applies to architecture as much as it does to any other art form or any
item produced in society.People in one generation may strive for a
certain perfect form and they may even achieve it in their lifetime.
However, even if they do, this form does not become the one perfect
standard, never changing again.Instead, the next generation considers
what has been created before and strives to achieve something.If
architecture is considered as art, this is the same process that occurs
with all other forms of art.For example, literature created centuries ago
does not remain as the one perfect form for literature.Shakespeare’s work
is still considered great, but the writers of today rarely create works
similar to Shakespeare’s.Instead, they create works that reflect modern
society, while possibly taking aspects of Shakespeare’s work and building
on them.This creates a continual process of change, where one form grows
into others.If architecture is considered as practical rather than
artistic, it can be likened more to research-based developments.For
example, the automobile wasfirst developed in the early 20th century.
Since that time, technical developments have seen it change considerably.
These changes are also in response to changing society.For example,
currently environmental issues are a social concern.For this reason,
automobiles are beginning to develop with alternatives modes of fuel.
Overall, this shows that architecture is like everything else in society,
in that it will be constantly changing as society changes, while each
generation will consider the works that have gone before it, assess them,
make changes, and in doing so, continue the devel…


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