Mzarts Persptive of Women

In Mozart’s time (the late 1700s), women were viewed much differently than they are viewed today. Women were perceived as being inferior (intellectually and physically) to men.As we all know, the women were supposed to spend their time in the house cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the children.Although, we must take into account that this was mostly the biased perspective of the men of the time.As time progressed, the submissive female role changed.Their presence became much more prevalent as time went on.Mozart’s apparent personal perspective of women, which was demonstrated in his many operas, did not seem to correlate with the universal perspective of woman at the time.His perspective of women portrayed in The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni is much more like today’s perspective than the perspective of his time.
In The Marriage of Figaro, the women are portrayed as intelligent, cunning, wise, and faithful. In The Marriage of Figaro, the women are presented with the problem of dealing with their jealous and lustful husbands.Ironically, it is the “lower class” woman, Susanna, who provides the needed leadership and wisdom when it comes to solving the problem.She is the one that comes up with the idea to change clothes with the Countess to test the fidelity and loyalty of the Count.It might have been expected for a man to come up with a plan so clever, or at least for the upper class and supposedly more intelligent Countess to come up with the idea, but low and behold, the “lowly” servant comes through with the great idea.In comparison with the males in the opera, the women are portrayed with much more fidelity and loyalty especially towards their spouses.The men are portrayed as foolish, lustful, and jealous when it comes to love.The Count is the worst – he displays lustfulness, jealousy and above all, hypocrisy.He lusts after Susanna and expects her to break h


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