Museum of Modern Art

As my second museum visit in America, the MOMA was so attractive that it kept me to stay for more than three hours. It was a truly different experience compared to myfirst museum visit. The more art I studied the more I began to easily understand the variety of different ideas and feelings a single artwork could produce. The museum was filled with sketches, murals, and paintings done in both acrylic and oil paints, all drawn by the famous artists. All of these works were so fascinating and full of feeling without question.
When I walked into the figure's section where lots of portraits were hung, one picture with a woman sitting in the chair and looking out of the window caught my eyes. Over the window, the landscape stretches out, with the sky filling the top half of the canvas and the ground with building like structures, filling the lower half. The shape of painting is almost an exact square. The height is about 5'2'' and the width is about 5'. The composition of this picture consists of four horizontal rows. Moreover the middle ground and background is divided by two sections with two vertical columns. Because of these two columns, the front ground is more focused. The background is colored with light sky-blue, flat, and suggests that the sky is very clear without a single of cloud. Upon further examination of the sky, the painting reveals that it is tinged in some areas with dark blue. In the front ground, the woman is wearing a dark blue one piece, and is sitting alone beside the table which is made of wood. We see the upper part of her body, from her thighs to her head. Her head turns to her left, which is your right. Although her head is in profile to the right, the rest of her body is facing directly toward us. The figure’s face is painted in pale white fleshy tones, but quite shadowed with the blurred grey and violets on her chin.
While observing this figure, her face makes us focus on the fr…


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