Museum critique

Place Visited:Collin County Community College Arts Gallery
Title: Plano, Past Artist:Janee Reeder
Method:Painting Medium/Media:Acrylic
The two most dominant visual elements of design in this piece are line and color.Line is the basic element in art. It is capable of infinite suggestions. It is able to create different moods and feelings with minimal effort. This piece has a mixture of both, actual and implied line, and contour and gesture line. Color is actually a property of light, but very important to this piece. Usually in pieces set in the past you do not see color only black and white but in this piece you see vivid colors, with different hues, values, and intensity. The colors make the shading pop out and draw ones eyes directly to the little girl in the bright red coat.
The artist used shape and form to make the painting look natural and realistic. The painting was very curvilinear. You could tell that the little girl was standing directly in front of the car because of the scale and proportion of her and the car. Unity is shown through the colors in the piece.It was somewhat of an asymmetrical balance to the piece also. The focal point of the painting was the little girl in red and it catches your eye right away.
I liked this painting. It was interesting and caught my eye right away. I've always liked old time picture and paintings. My family has always said I was born in the wrong time period, because I'm so interested in the clothes, cars, and everything else from past time periods. I think it was very important for the artist to put the car behind the little girl in the painting, because it gives more to the picture.
The meaning or message from this piece is time stopped in a picture. Or a look into the past would be another meaning or message in this piece. The colors give you more of the looking into the past feel, but


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