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(Basses Warming up for Spartan Spectacular)
All the previous Spartan Spectaculars were pretty successful. This year was no different. The Wind Symphony band came out and did their thing, and some Jazz lady came out and sang. But who cares? The main Attraction: The Drumline. Me and my friend Matt didn't care for the Symphony and Jazz lady. We went for the drumline. We were counting down the number of acts before the drumline, and when we got to one, we were in tears. All of a sudden, all the house lights went out and a single
Spot light shone on the Breslin Center main floor. Then, you hear a bass drum tap off. You hear the precision strike as the basses played a single, tonal cadence. Then, you see them, wit all of their glory. Their solid black drums, and… The snares and tenors. They lined up. Scott Idle (center snare for MSU and the Cavaliers) tapped off Ditty. The excitement grew. Then, he tapped off fIREHOSE. Then, the infamous, "The
Series". With intense looks on their faces, they performed with solid precision, and so much choreography that it looked impossible. By time it was over, I was crying.
(Cymbals practicing "The Series")
The Series is the name of the cadence (or “street beat”) that the percussion section plays when the Spartan Band is marching in parades, or to and from the stadium on game days. It is actually a series of 13 different cadences that have been combined to form one “super-cadence” (hence the name). Each cadence has its own choreography performed by both the percussion section and the other band members as they march down the street.
Learning the Series requires many weeks of practice by new band members during the preseason each year in order to memorize all of the chore


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