Mr. goudy

From what information I have been able to find, either through books or the Internet, it seems that Mr. Goudy was a huge influence in America during his lifetime, a very devoted designer and leading typemaker.Mr. Goudy, even though living a very busy life schedule, gave freely of his time.Mr. Goudy said to Bernard Lebovit, a student at the Department of Printing at the Carnegie Institute of Technology,
"I think you have handled a very ordinary life with skill and have given it a quality not attained by other ambitious attempts."
It seems Mr. Goudy had a lot of tenacity and dedication to his field after going through several fires and either moving or rebuilding his business.He must have been a real influence in America for he was talked about and interviewed on network radio and even a Hollywood studio made a motion picture about him and his work.According to one book that I read, there is a strange misapprehension about him, the oddest being that he was a clearly sensible person that would have made Mr. Goudy laugh.He was a great storyteller with a large collection of funny stories and he enjoyed jokes on himself.He was also very aware of how different he was from most of his fellow designers and he used this to his advantage.To conclude, I offer this quote by Joseph Blumenthal, the printer, "He was a great self-promoter and he was a lot of fun to be with.But he was not the great printer or typographer, and I do not think he was even the greatest American designer of type.You would not put him with Daniel Berkeley."
As for his fonts, I feel that a lot of them, even though they have different names, look a lot alike.There are a few that my eye is drawn to; one is Goudy Cursive of 1916, another is New Village Text of 1938, Cloister Initials of 1918.The reason I like this text is that it reminds me of Celtic style artwork with the Celtic knotwork, but I expect you have to be Celtic to r…


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