Mozart concerto

Flute Concerto No 2. In D, K.314 Rondo
I chose Mozart's Concerto No 2 In D, K.314 Rondo for this assignment because I truly enjoyed listening to the piece and felt a story being told. There is no significant title to the piece, so the story I found was more a reflection of my mood and my own feelings.Mozart used many dynamic orchestra performances throughout the concerto, giving it an edge and challenge.The piece is eloquently crafted and rhythmically shaped.One of the most outstanding elements of this piece is the harmony created by the flute and the orchestra when they accompany each other with seeming flawlessness.
The piece began very soft and eloquently.The flute was enchanting with its wavering tones producing high and low sounds that blending rhythmically.The piece begins this way, very soft and subtle making the listener feel relaxed and calm.I though of soft pools of water with dancing butterflies nearby when the flute was downplayed to the strong and challenging orchestra whichfirst began at .48 in the piece.The orchestra was bold and strong, combining sounds of violins, pianos, and more.The feeling then changed to that of a challenge. I began to see a larger animal, such as a menacing tiger or lion enter my vision.It was a balance between peace and triumph.
The orchestra then faded out as the flute began to play a solo piece at .59 seconds into the concerto.The flute was a bit rougher, sounding louder, as though it was proving something to the orchestra.I envisioned a battle.The sounds of the orchestra and the flute were symbolic of my tiger and butterfly, eyeing each other wondering who did not belong.The butterfly began dancing closer and closer to the tiger, as the flute played louder and the sounds were much more crisp and clear.The orchestra again chimed in after a few more seconds of the flute's session.
The battle between the orchestra and the flu…


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